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Please let us know if you are interested in Life Insurance strategies that include investors paying for most or all of your insurance premiums.


LIRP: Life Insurance Retirement Planning

What Is A Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP)?

  • Accumulation & Distribution Tool
  • No Income Limits - Not A Function Of Income
  • No Contribution Limits - It's A Function Of Asset Base
  • No 1099s To File - You Don't Have To Tell IRS
  • Multiple Growth Strategies - Equities Or Guaranteed
  • Tax Free Retirement Income - The Best Way!!!
  • Long Term Care Coverage - If Disabled Or Major Illness
  • No Legislative Risk - Will Be Grandfathered


How Do You Get This Program?

  • Contribute from your own bank account
  •  Use other people's money – "OPM" - Danny Devito, 1991 movie

    "Business... that's easily defined – it's other people's money"
    ~ Peter Ferdinand Drucker

  • A bank loans you money to fund the program
    • No Money Down
    • No Principal payments
    • No Interest payments
    • No payments!!!
    • For 50% financed: you must earn $100,000 per year
    • For 100% financed: you must have $10 million in assets
  • Must be healthy!


What Are The Many Uses Of A LIRP?

  • Creating a self-completing retirement plan
  • Avoiding the threat of higher income taxes in the future
  • Addressing estate tax issues at death
  • Guaranteeing what you want to happen financially will happen whether you are here or not
  • Paying for college education
  • Become your own bank
  • Addressing long term care needs later in life
  • Creating a tax-free income stream at retirement


The Numbers


$5,000,000 Policy:

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